The largest plane in the world landed in Wichita this past Monday. This 300 million dollar aircraft took three years to build, and was supposed to haul the Russian space shuttle. It never did. It can haul up to 600,000 lbs. with its six engines. Wichita moving companies would dream of having that weight capacity on company tractor-trailers. The legal weight of an eighteen wheeler is 80,000 lbs. Meaning, the Antonov 225 could fly with seven Wichita moving company semis onboard.

The plane actually hauls commercial payloads, like the reactor it brought for a fertilizer company in Coffeyville, Kan. With the ability to haul this kind of weight comes a pretty price tag on jet fuel. To make a non-stop 13 hour flight from Wichita to the Ukraine it uses 65,000 gallons of fuel. The Wichita movers, Heartland Moving & Storage, Inc. are certainly glad their tractor-trailers don't need that much fuel for one trip.